Uniquely Southern - Daniel Pike - contracted to replace gutters, paint - took deposit and did nothin

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DO NOT do business with Uniquely Southern.Mr.

Pike contracted to replace gutters, repair wood, and paint house. He removed the gutters to make money for himself and took several deposits upfront. Never did any work. Cannot be contacted.

He has a very convincing manner - do not believe him and do not give him money up front. I called his references and they checked out - do not believe them. A neighbor ended up with similar problems.

He drives a car with Florida tags and comes with a woman in the car.He makes excuses each phone call and then eventually does not return calls.

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Uniquely Southern - Took our money and never returned to complete job

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Last January, Daniel quoted us for pressure washing 2 decks and the house, replacing rotten window seals, replacing shutters on a window, painting the house and trim, staining 2 decks, painting front porch with 2 coats, painting and staining back porch - Labor plus materials.He needed money up front for materials and labor.

We partially paid him several times to get him to come back and finish the work. They put one coat of paint on the porch, missed a lot of places on the house that still need painting, never brought the shutter back or the stain that we paid for and didn't fix the windows. He also over sprayed the inside of my back porch with primer and was to fix it with wall paint. He acted offended when I couldn't be at home and wouldn't leave the door unlocked for him to go inside to fix the windows......I'm not that big of a fool!

So we're out $1000 for labor and materials that we gave him to finish the job. He went straight from our house to the bank and never came back.

The phone number he gave us had been disconnected when my husband called him.

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Uniquely Southern - Contractor Took My Money and Did Not Complete Job

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Daniel Pike, DBA Uniquely Southern, in Monroe, Georgia, contracted with me to finish one of my basement rooms on a labor plus materials basis.I agreed to pay him 1/2 the labor cost up front as well as money for materials, totalling $1250.00 He worked one day and never returned.

After phone calls too numerous to count with excuses including being sick, waiting for his co-worker, etc., he finally agreed to refund my money.

To-date he has returned only $100.00 and that payment was made in October 2010.Further attempts by me to contact him have failed.



Same thing happened to me. I wish I'd have found this page prior to giving him any up front money..this is a lesson from the school of hard knocks...


Same experience with Daniel Pike. Contact me at carl984@yahoo.com.


Danny/Daniel Pike, DBA Uniquely Southern, Monroe, GA is a total scam artist/*** man.He contracted with us to re-roof our home and paint/fix rotted wood on our trim.

$2700 up front for materials. Didn't begin job when contracted for. My husband told him to stay away from our home, do not touch our home. He sent someone else over, while we were at work, he tore part of our roof off......then it started raining!

Roof leaked! We called other roofers out to roof the house. According to the police, since he did some work on the house we could not have him arrested for Theft by Deception.

He admitted to my husband on the phone, that he used our money for other jobs he had previously started on.

We got his phone # from signs in our neighborhood where we thought he was working.

My husband went and talked to these neighbors after our troubles began and they all had similar stories.He does a couple of hours of work, spends your money somewhere else and disappears.

to momofcjj Loganville, Georgia, United States #608236

Well I think we need to do something about this guy, he did the same to me and I will do anything to get him arrested or pay for it; if anybody wants to meet and help to find and get this guy lets get together.................

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